Live my life♥

me and my life
2018-04-05 03:56:37 (UTC)


I so desperately need a rest. A day off from my stupid work and all stress of life. I think of solo trip but my house ppl won't allow me. I want to enjoy some me time. I feel to dip in pool, to be surrounded by trees, breath fresh air, forget abt work and live some good time.

When I am abt to wakeup in the morning. I fantasize of sleeping late, getting for for yum brekkie, be potato couch and watch some tv, cook something easy, get massage, drive to parlour again back home and nap, read book call friends and chat abt life, make mom feel good again watch some tv with soulful dessert and sleep peacefully. Wow... every one needa some break time. I also need the same. Pheww but i cannot do n my job sucks for being the reason. I pray to god help me with the job. Donno wat life has for me. I need good salary.

Now in sept emi will get over and ill b free of emis pheww...i have long list to buy. I want to buy good ring for mom. Take her to abroad, buying house is my big target for which i need good job