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2018-06-29 15:37:37 (UTC)

"50 Questions"

I'm awake way too early for work tonight and I said I'd try and write here a little more. I was talking to somebody and she suggested this "50 questions" thing she filled out and told me to do it so here goes I guess.

1) Are you confident with the way you look? No

2) Relationship status? Single

3) Ever fallen in love? Yep

4) Height? 6ft I think. Roundabout that.

5) Hair colour? Black

6) Last song you listened to? Done For Me - Charlie Puth & Kehlani

7) Last person you spoke to on the phone? My Mum

9) Ever kissed someone the same sex? Yeah

10) Shy or nah? Anxious in certain situations, not really shy, no

11) Last Facebook message said? "The World Cup Final is on the day after your BBQ at 4pm"

12) Would you slap your ex for £20? No

13) Fear? Probably dying alone. Never finding happiness, something like that.

14) Had a relationship that was a mistake? Not a relationship but an equal regret

15) Favourite animal? I want an Alpaca

16) Ever been abroad? Yeah

17) Someone you can trust? Could probably only name 3-4.

18) Do you miss someone? Yeah

19) Battery percent? 99%

20) Current mood? Tired, fed up, drained.

21) Last thing you had to drink? Pepsi

22) Last thing you ate? Polony

23) How many people have you kissed in 2018? 3

24) Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi, every time

25) How old will you be in 5 years? 32

26) Eminem or Drake? Drake

27) Shoe size? 9 1/2

28) Ever rode a horse? Nope

29) Long distance friendships? Long distance friendships are all I have. I have like 3 friends where I live

30) Ever met someone in person who you met over Facebook? Not Facebook but I've met people who I've played Video Games with for years

31) Best friend of the opposite sex? I don't really have one. I talk to Louise and Nikita a lot but "best friend" is probably too strong a label.

32) Do you get on better with males or females? Either

33) What top do you have on right now? Not wearing one

34) What pets do you have? I don't have any. My mum has a cat and my sister has a pug

35) Favourite day of the week? Wednesday

36) Ever been to Scotland? Nah

37) Like meeting new people? Not initially. If I can make them laugh though then it becomes a lot easier and I feel much more comfortable

38) Something you can't live without? Food? A decent internet connection? Pepsi? Plenty of stuff

39) Makeup or no makeup? Why would she send me this knowing there was a question like this in there? I plaster myself in make up, obviously.

40) Ever rode a donkey? Nope

41) If you could read a book of your future would you read it? Yeah

42) Ever been cheated on? Not that I know of

43) How old will you be on your next birthday? 28

44) What do you look for in someone? Similar interests is helpful (not realistic though), eyes and smile usually. A good sense of humour is required too.

45) 5 girls you're close to? I probably couldn't even name 3, let alone 5

46) 5 guys you're close to? Aaron, Steve, Trist, Ad, Rhys

47) Has 2018 been the best year for you? Hahahahahahahaha (That's a no by the way)

48) Do you give second chances? Yeah

49) Someone you haven't seen for years that you'd like to reunite with? Too many people.

50) Describe yourself with 3 words? Funny, Pessimistic, Competitive

My legs are in such agony from football the other day. I'm so unfit, it's beyond. It literally hurts to walk, it's tragic. Sadly I've got work tonight so I'm just gonna chill and have some food and get ready for another dull night in the workplace. Yippee.


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