Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-06-28 02:38:08 (UTC)

Late Night Drunk Entry

I had a good day today. Today is probably one of the times I've been very social all year. I got out of bed about 12pm and went over to my friends house as we arranged to play football together. We only had about 5 of us but it was still a good kickabout and nice to be out in the sunshine. My face is now incredibly burnt though. I always burnt ridiculously. From the age of 19 plus anyway. I used to tan incredibly but now I look horrific.

I'm now incredibly drunk as I type this. I was supposed to go to town tonight but we went for a KFC after football and then left it a bit late I guess. By the time we got into town it would have been about 10pm so we figured it just wasn't worth it. We drank at my friends bar instead. I got stupidly drunk and was downing pretty much anything he had to offer me. I'm really regretting it now and know I'll regret it twice as hard in the morning.

I saw a stray cat on the way home and it really made me miss my two cats, Raine and Jaina. I do still think about them a lot and know they are still being looked after really well. I do miss them awfully though. I don't really have much of a connection with the cat in this house. Like, shes been here for years but I dunno. It was just different with the kittens because they were babies. I felt like they were mine. My ex girlfriend had an instagram of them but I can't bear to look at it. I know it sounds daft. I would like to have a pet of my own eventually. Whether it be another cat or a dog. I don't know. If I leave home, I imagine I would likely live alone so company would be welcome. I probably would just get a cat to be honest.

That's all I've got, I really need to sleep. I can feel a monster headache coming on. I'll try and write more here in the next few days.