Scream Above the Sounds
2018-06-26 04:24:55 (UTC)


It's been a while. The need to write here lately feels less and less, which can only be a good thing I guess. I'm just about to go to bed but i figured I've probably got some stuff I can ramble on about briefly.

I've enrolled at my college, I start on September 4th. I'm pretty excited. It will be nice to start working towards something and just getting out of the house and hopefully having a bit more of a social life again. Besides work, I don't really interact with anybody, besides my friends online. That just sounds sad. Speaking of friends online, I booked my tickets to Sweden, at long last. It cost me £237. I'm gonna be staying there for 8 days. I'm really excited for that. I've never been on a plane on my own before so that'll be an interesting experience. I wonder how many times I can make an idiot out of myself. I'll make sure to keep count.

I'm supposed to be going on a date tonight but I don't really feel well enough. I doubt she'll give much of a shit if I cancel anyway. I really need to try and get some sleep. I feel rough.


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