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2018-06-24 13:30:39 (UTC)


we saw eachother he invited me to his gym yesterday morning. it was actually a really fun get together,

wllam likes him. says he's a
- he's intelligent
- he's low key alte
- he still cares about all these things if he's going to take his time to read about all, then he's already a member of that world
- he's very self aware
- he has a speaking style that projects like he knows what he's talking about - an oratory pattern
- if he had money he'd give it you to invest

-used to think that ll i had to do whas make the best work. but really just have to make th best sellabel work. Planning the work is what makes it big, how much you plan around it.

this project is gonna run for 6 hears. if you are our sponsors that six yrs bespoke marketing for you.

if it travels abroad more credit for u guys here

if ur producing art u have to think - how am i collecting my money before anything is even happening here?

- take it to companies and give them the full wash - this is the product - this is how we gonna put it out - this is what its going to do for your company.
- show them prooof of concept that is ata a level that shows that u are ready to go - we have all the episodes ready.

- release the first three - which will form the marketing material for the product. we have this product - without any supotrty we've had 5000 downloads. if we apppear anywhere your brand will be well represented.

if u make 10 episodes you can make 20 million per episode - present it in a what that the value ur propsoing to them they really feel like this thing would help their brand. make sure the presentation is stellar - trick is mind. fuckery. convince them that if they sponsor it their brand will pop. This is 10 episodes worth of content - so you sponsiring this is for a whole year - so for a whole year u have fresch cobntent for every month. for an entire eyar.
3 million per episode -
when we ptch it will be me abd u - cos u will make it more popular cos u have high enagement on your post

watch seinfeld - weh n asked why he stopped doing the show he said it's like when ur full but u have space for a little more.

he has