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2018-06-24 22:48:40 (UTC)

Esteban G.

Dear Esteban,
I really fucking hate you when you broke up with me since November 13 and 27 2017, you are cheating on me, and I slept with my boyfriend Rolando Redona in my Instagram caption photo last night, look at you, you are fucking ugly about you. Someday, You are a liar and you throwed me in the car after your birthday is over, and you will not apologize me if you still a bullying me in December 6th? We're breaking up! And I'm done with you!!! You know what, don't texted me, and I will delete all of your messages including my SMS Messages and I will removed you on Instagram username and unfollow you. Bye Bitch! *middle finger*
-Mariana Redona