Blonde And Dangerous
2001-10-10 23:16:33 (UTC)

Flags, Football, and the Weasley's

We had another flag meeting today. We learned the rest of
the routine for Long Train Runnin'... it's really cool!
I love the song "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback. It's
the BEST!!!!!!!!! Kay, maybe it's a bit older, but it
I went to the 8th grade fb game for about 45 minutes
today. It was really boring! I think we won though! I
hope, b/c they will be 10-0 for their Junior High career.
That'd be sweet!!
I like the Weasley's. I wish I could be part of that
family! They are really cool! Don't ask me where that
came from, cuz I don't know.
I rarely add to my other online diary @ diaryland. I
should just start over. It's the less personal one that
goes with my site, so yeah. I haven't really had much time
to work on that one, or my up-and-coming Harry Potter one.
I'm just doing the HP one cuz I've got the time and I can
do a bunch of cool stuff! Hehehe...
Tomorrow we get to go back to our normal study halls,
instead of volleyball! I could NOT be happier!
Tomorrow we have some speaker dude coming to talk to us
about the evil's of drugs. It's someone we've had before,
I guess. Like I remember. I can barely remember what I
had for lunch today, much less what dude came and talked to
us two years ago about drugs. ;)
That's about all that's going on in my incredibly boring
life right now. Oh! Brandon stopped talking to me for
fifteen minutes today. He was mad that I supposedly
trusted Zach more, but I explained the situation, and he
started talking again. Really, I'm closer to Brandon than
Zach, but I still like Zach. He's easy to talk to! And he
let me borrow P.O.D. That's worth about ten points in my
book. I'll have to burn it when I get back from Rush Hour

"This is my life, this is my hell"