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2018-06-22 13:30:11 (UTC)


Things to remember:

I'm sensitive to:
Lack of appreciation
Not getting enough attention
Being taken for granted

I should enter this relationship (if i can call it that yet) with the intention of learning. To find out things about myself that I never knew, to learn about this person that I am with, and enjoy the journey of doing so.

I should resist the need to rush ahead and instead, should savour the journey of getting 'there' wherever that may be. Allow the first three months (at least) to unfold as they will

Have a plan or an intention upon entering the relationship. As Long as I have the intention of learning from the experience, and of becoming a better person as a result of the experience, then I will be able to remind myself when negative feelings set in.

I really really like him. A whole lot. Dassit for now.