Letters To Burn
2018-06-24 02:59:58 (UTC)

Number Forty Eight

Live But Never Learn
A million couples
have fallen in love
since we last spoke,
but I heard a thing,
a thing we used to say,
and still I thought of you
out there, in the universe,
how many galaxies away?
floating around, just a
few flakes of gold dust
twinkling in the corners
of someone else’s eyes
And I felt that old familiar yearn
It seems we live but never learn

And the skeletons are locked in the closet
But these old bones don’t wanna be alone
In the nighttime all I see is your face
A long gone lover my fingertips can’t trace
I tell myself this is what I wanted
I wanted to watch the world burn
I wanted to show you I could be better
It seems we live but we never learn

The reasons fade
and the colors run
All the images reversed
And I heard you say
The words you used to say
And I burn for you
From inside to everywhere
All the galaxies sway
To float around
Until we’re all just ashes now
And it all revolves
Your light absolved
In someone else’s smile
And my world turns
I live but never learn
I live but never learn
I live but never learn