deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2018-06-20 16:55:16 (UTC)

my alone time Sunday

Sorry this took until midweek. i had a commitment after work Tuesday and last night my laptop did something very weird during a Windows update -- i lost my wifi signal and my wifi icon on the laptop disappeared! Anyway, all better now and so here i am.

If You couldn't tell i was pretty excited Sunday but i refused to let my need supercede Yours, especially once i learned You had only 30 minutes. When You gave me permission to go "finish" i went directly to my bed. i was wearing only an oversized t-shirt and discarded it as i entered the room.

i sat on the edge of the bed and layed back, my legs dangled over the edge. my mind went straight to work, dreaming that You were kneeling next to the bed with Your face between my thighs pleasing me. i put my heels on the side rail of the bed and alternated rubbing my clit and running my finger through my wet lips. i knew i wouldn't last long! :)

In my mind you then stood and entered me while standing between my thighs. Your hands gripped my thighs, then my waist as you drove deep inside over and over.....holding me tight.....and thats how i ended my fantasy........with you exploding deep inside me and with my tummy and cunt doing twists and spasms as i came.

Thank You for the lovely fantasy!