Do Not Disturb

2018-06-15 01:19:22 (UTC)

Birthday Party

Dear journal,

My little cousin had his birthday at Cici's Pizza. And after that we left.

I wanted to see my " boyfriend" before we went to the casino but my Grandma was very impatient to wait on him at Wal Mart and she didn't believe that he was at Wal Mart when he was their. So, she just drove off and it made me mad.

I think I'm gonna go on a diet since everyone including my Grandma... Especially my Grandma keeps saying something about my weight. I said I was skinny one time and she went like," Where?". Like that didn't hurt my feelings enough and James always have to say something about my weight as well. He just pisses me off with saying that. I told him he said he's sorry but you know how I am with my trust issues and all but I'm trying to trust him and I really like him. And then all of a sudden here goes Rod texting me saying baby and all that such thing. Ikr.

Stuff like this stresses me out. But I don't like him like that. At lesst not anymore when we meet on the dating website. I have a " boyfriend" and well... I love him... And I wanna see how things will go in the future.

We go to Tennessee tomorrow morning st seven. So, I will get my shower out of the way and have to get ready for bed and I have to make sure my phone is charge because I go crazy when its dead.

Also wished my little sister a happy bday. She's 7 years old and as well as my dad's girlfriend but don't know how old she is but eh. She has had her happy bdays.

Write more as soon as possible


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