deanne and Connor

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2018-06-14 11:37:01 (UTC)

Rare Friday Off - addon

Around tomorrow (Friday 6/15) if you happen to work from home or anything.....Miss you!

Sorry i wasn't home today. :(
I am guessing you're going to see Your dad this weekend? Then again You haven't said anything so i don't know.
We're picking up our car tomorrow so i have little hope of making it online. However, if You are not going to see dad then i expect to be around Sunday morning. Matt is golfing w/ his dad and then we're all having dinner together later in the day. At some point during the day when he's gone i will go to the cemetary for a "visit". So let me know of Your plans and again i apologize for tomorrow. Hopefully this is the last conflict for either of us for awhile.


Hugs....Sunday it is....OUR TIME....I miss you so badly!
If we miss today, then for sure next Saturday...….at least for me....
See you today or then my missed love!


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