Letters To Burn
2018-06-09 13:26:08 (UTC)

Number Forty One

A Hundred Lives

Maybe in another life
It seems I knew you long before
In another time and place
Maybe,I’m not sure

You said you never knew your dad
And your mama was a whore
You learned about Jesus Christ
But Bob Dylan taught you more

There is so much in your eyes
It seems you’ve lived a hundred lives
Now I’m lost inside those eyes
Forever, for all time

Now we’re caught inside a dream
We've pushed away the doubts
Blocking out the noise
Trying to figure it all out

There's a method to the madness
You said we’ve all been here before
But baby if you’re the wave
I guess I’ll be the shore

It took a year or two
But you needed to be sure
You told me It's all over
You’re just meant for something more

Now I’m surrounded by the noise
All I can do is cry
And as you walked away
I could have swore I saw you smile

Now I got tears in my eyes
It seems I’ve died a hundred times
Now I’ve lost what once was mine
Forever, for all time

I got tears in my eyes
I got tears in my eyes
I got tears in my eyes
Maybe you’ll return to me
In another hundred lives

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