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2018-06-08 20:55:09 (UTC)

Ten minute workout. Heel feeling a ..

Ten minute workout. Heel feeling a little better. Only when I've been walking about for awhile.
In light of what has been happening not just today, but what has been going on where I work too I want to talk about suicide. A long time ago my friend, Jessica, committed suicide. She wasn't even found for a couple of days. We were saddened. We went to her funeral and shared stories about her. Months latter I was telling my friend, Kelly, about it. After I told her about it she told me she was in hell because of the suicide. I couldn't believe it. How could Kelly pass judgement on Jessica so swiftly without even knowing her. I didn't say anything at the time. I wish I did. It is. one of the many reasons why I am not friends with Kelly anymore. I miss you Jessica and I am sure others do to.