Do Not Disturb

2018-06-08 16:56:42 (UTC)

Upset Stomach

Dear journal,

You know how I said that my stomach has been hurting for a couple of days or so, and its not getting any better.

I just took about two of those bad boys. Pepto Bismol. That should do the trick. But oh God its just about the worse thing yet. I can barely get up to do anything. The only thing I was able to do was use the bathroom.

I haven't eaten anything since, this morning. And I've only had one bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. 1 bowl. I use to be able to eat two bowls of cereal with no problem but now that I'm trying to lose weight its not even worth it anymore.

I don't see how I gotten from talking about having an upset stomach to losing weight. Its whatever. I hope it goes away soon. And I pray I get this job.

I know I will. I can just feel it. Or maybe that's just my stomach giving up on me.... Hmmmmm???

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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