Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-06-08 07:47:26 (UTC)


It does make me wonder at times who would actually make the effort to talk to me if I didn't start conversations. I do genuinely feel like people forget about me or maybe they just don't care as much as I expect them to. Sometimes I'll go months without hearing from some people. I feel pretty isolated.

I've kind of always felt like this but I guess when you're down and out like I had been in the past few months, you kinda expect to know who your real friends are at that point. Some of the people I deemed my closest friends didn't even try to help me or check in with me. I was in a really dark place. I'm doing so much better now but I still feel incredibly alone. I'm happy trying to improve myself and happy with where I'm going. Studying is going to be really good for me but my social life appears to be online only and that's just getting sad and tedious now. My social life has always been heavily online based. Most of my best friends are in England so we usually talk and play games online. I've met various people through World of Warcraft. Sweden, Belgium, Holland.

My love for video games has been pretty stale since moving back home. I haven't really been doing anything. I've just been binge watching TV shows on Netflix and lying in bed until I feel like it's time to go to bed. I guess I just wish my friends included me in more things or just gave me a message sometime.

I' m not sure what has brought this on. I guess I've just woken up quite sad today.