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2018-06-07 20:01:59 (UTC)

Not a Good Week....Replied

This is not what either of us wants to hear but its been a bad week here for us and unfortunately i doubt i will be able to make it this weekend. Matt was in an accident (not his fault) on Monday -- a truck hit him and the car was destroyed. He spend the day at the hospital getting checked and has many bumps and bruises. The car wasn't so lucky. Fortunately for us the truck driver was issued 2 citations so we have no liability or worries but we are out a car and have to spend the weekend looking for something to replace it.

i will keep you posted. This is not what either of us wants after the last many weeks but please hang in there! i will make it up to You.



Of course I understand!!!!!

We have built up enough trust and love over the years to weather any storms or life issues, hun! Get that new car and take care of your hubby. Am glad he is ok!

See you when we next can work it out! I know we will keep trying.