Do Not Disturb

2018-06-06 20:21:25 (UTC)

Cleaning Day

I had to clean up the house today because I was being told to and also because well my Grams suggested that I was being apparently " too lazy" and that all I do is lay around all day and be on my phone. And while that's partially true but only when I have nothing to do. It stressed me out. This wouldn't happen if, I had a job by now. Still no calls. I've called and called still no answers. I put in multiple applications and still...NOTHING! I'm oh so tired. I can't eat sweets anymore I can try to but it will just make my teeth hurt even worse than, it already hss been. I'm supoose to be going back to the dentist. But need to schedule. I know I have cavities and my gum on the bottom of my lips is always bleeding and even when I use a soft toothbrush it always does. I even gargle with mouthwash every single day. We barely have food to eat. My mom don't get her food stamps any time soon. This is why I'm trying to quickly get a job so, I can also help my mom out and also for stop being so lazy. And shit like that. Video chatted with Marquis this morning since, I couldn't go to sleep because of Grams waking me up making me do everything and it frustrated me even more. I still can't get my door to open. But I'll still try to open it. This may be the most boring entry ever yet. And even worse is that my stomach hurt and I'm getting tired of eating noodles but that was almost only thing I had to eat for lunch. I use to love noodles but now its just disgusting. Oh well. My stomach hurts. I forgotten to take my birth control pill and its in my room but apparently my door is locked because of me. Because I was stupid enough to do so. I've also been feeling stupid a lot lately. Even when I ask questions when I know the answers too. Like Arianna Grande Sam&Cat kind of stupid. Ughhh!!!! Things just keep getting worse and worse for me by the minute. I feel depressed, stressed out, frustrated but hey aren't we all....

Write more as soon as possible


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