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2018-06-06 17:50:56 (UTC)

Mixed Bag

I've been up almost 24 hours. Today has been one of the longest days of my life. I've just got home. I feel like I'm about to crash out forever.

I planned on going to sleep at a reasonably early time because I had my assessment at the college today at 2:30pm. I ended up staying up all day.....I'm such a muppet. So yeah, today was a really nice day. The weather was great so I walked into town. I left quite early because I wanted to make sure I knew where I was going and wanted ample time to get ready. I'm like that with most important things. I always need to get there early and make sure I know where everything is and what the hell is going on.

I went into the college about 2:10pm and had a look around and then sat down. 10 minutes later I got up and queued at the desk to go and ask where to go for this Adult Foundation course. A guy from security asked if I was okay and I told him what I was here for. The guy in the queue ahead of me mentioned he was here for the same thing so we struck up conversation for a bit. He seemed like a decent guy. There was about 12-14 of us waiting for this to begin. We were greeted by a woman who led us up 4 flights of stairs as we all entered a room and sat down and watched some Powerpoint presentation on what the course was going to offer us.

We were then taken into another room with a load of computers. We each had a paper in front of us and had to write two paragraphs on why we were interested in the course and what we hoped to achieve from it. Simple enough right? My handwriting however is horrific. Either way, I got through that and then it was onto the assessment for Maths. It was a struggle. Harder than I expected. I've always been pretty shit at maths but this has confirmed it. I really need to brush up on it and get better. I was originally placed at level 3 but they then made me do an actual maths test paper and then moved me up to Level 2. Which I'm quite surprised at. I knew I would be bad at Maths. My Literacy was really good though. They described me as a "mixed bag". They asked me what I was hoping to achieve and I told them that I would eventually like to do a course in Journalism/Creative writing and they said they could help me get there. They were very understanding, easy going and kind. They knew I had been out of education for 10 plus years so they weren't harsh or anything like that.

The woman who led us to the room did a 1 on 1 interview with me and said she was going to make me an offer for the course. I mean, I didn't expect anything less to be honest but people WERE actually being told that the course wasn't for them and were being referred to different courses and places. Which is really nice of the college to do but it must be hard to take knowing they don't think you're ready for this. There was about 12-14 of us but I'm not even sure if 10 were made an offer. Your boy was though, and that's all that matters. They just want me to try and improve my maths. I hope I can. I'm determined to do well. I'll get an e-mail in the next 7 days and then onto September I guess!

I'm also going out on a date this Sunday....more to come on that, possibly. Will see how it goes. I don't know what to expect. I just figure this is something I should try and be more open to.

I'm gonna eat and then fade away for a billion years.