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2018-06-03 12:17:54 (UTC)

"Flaw" by Soccer ..

"Flaw" by Soccer Mommy

Baby I'm all messed up
Took your bottle, poured a cup
I thought that would fill me up
But maybe it's just a flaw
That I've been havin' all along
In thinking love would be that strong

Baby don't leave me now
I'm talking to your friends for hours
You slipped in kisses on the mouth
I tried my best to work it out
I took you swimming by my house
We skinny dip and rip my flowers out

And I choose to let it stew
Oh I choose, choose to blame it all on you
'Cause I don't like the truth

June 3, 2018 Sunday 12:19 PM

So here is the thing, is I will capitalize my letters within an entry and I do this for clarity's sake: because it's ugly without spaces and without variety. I don't like capital letters in my titles anymore: they are like something sharp sticking out of the ground??? Is what I feel, viscerally, so that I squint regretfully every time I type them into the title bar.

But I guess that doesn't matter. Goose, my roommate, brought me breakfast something like an hour ago. It was cloud eggs on toast drizzled with honey and it was amazing. He had to whip the egg whites by hand. What a strange thing. Goose is really nice and it leaves me shoooooook.

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