Do Not Disturb

2018-06-06 03:52:13 (UTC)


Marquis asked me if, I loved him or, do I love him. I told him I don't know but then he got all mad and shit. I mean yes I know that we've known each other for a while. A really long whole. He was to be their even when my ex broke up with me. But he knew and we were just friends. I met him on this dating website Meet Me that I've recently downloaded awhile back. We both added each other on Facebook and have been video chatting and texting each other ever since. I mean yes I do like the guy but I don't know if, I " love" him. Well, at least not yet. He's 23 and I'm 19. Nothing wrong their. I like men in their 20s. He cares about me. I know I've said this about every other guy but he ACTUALLY does. He to even takes the time out to call me every now and then ( more like every day from morning to night) and we even video chat. But we're just taking things slow as it was said at the moment. Sometimes I wanna be single but on most days ( more like all days ) I wanna be taken but only because I don't wanna be single and miserable and desperate. Oh and one other thing I locked myself out of my room. Sooo.... Theirs something to look forward too. I locked it while I was in my room and was to busy trying to kill a ROACH. Yes you heard it a ROACH. The people that lived here were disgusting people and didn't even clean up. We had to clean up their messy house. The mess THEY MADE. NEVER AGAIN! It was disgusting I tell you but somehow,someway it got towards my mom room but I killed it just in time. YUCK! 😷 so I will be in my mom's room for the night but only because my mom's spending the night at her boyfriend's.... As usual. this other guy asked me out but, I never gave him a solid answer. And then theirs David C. He says he likes me when I just wanna take things slow. He's in the military. Yes. And finally, Jimmy.... He has gorgeous eyes let me tell you. Like you could stare into them ALLLL day. So, far no job. No luck. And its stressing me out even more than, to think about me being single. I mean it's only been two no the since, my ex broke up with me. He suggested on wanting to be friends. I chose not to be friends with him and honestly I just don't give a two timing fuck about him anymore and I just don't care. He's blocked. And out of my life he goes and I'm finally am able to move one ( as you can tell) and am finally free and happy. Well, at least for now. But who to tell a guy that deserves my happiness. Get what I'm saying. But all in all very confused. Been watching this crime Tv show "Bones". Went to the nail shop got my toes done only and while my mom got both her nails and toes done. Autumn/Fall color. Same thing. I will get my nails done another time. Had Chick-fil-A for dinner. I may go to the movies this weekend but honestly I don't wanna go alone.

P.S. Everything's that's written on here has come from my previous handwritten journals

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