Do Not Disturb

2018-06-02 16:17:50 (UTC)

Why Me?

Its like he doesn't even care anymore that he stood me up yesterday and all because he was what sleep. I'm tired of hearing the same old excuse over and over again. I'm just not gonna wait on a guy anymore. What I'm talking about? I'm never suppose to wait on a guy but what am I doing. Waiting on a guy. Lately that has been the same excuse with every guy I've been with or even liked for that matter. Like if, you didn't wanna come all you have to do is say so instead of having me sitting their looking stupid the whole time but that was because I was and am stupid for waiting on a guy who didn't even show up. And this happened to me multiple times. Like is their something wrong with me. He said how emotional I was being. I can't help it that's how I am. I'm not gonna change who I am. Because some guy told me so. I got ready for nothing. He says that he will "make it up to me" but theirs no hope on that. And here he is texting me two hours later last night for that reason. I'm just getting about sick and tired of it. I HATE IT!!!!! The same reason why I don't talk to anyone unless I'm being spoken to but even that goes horribly wrong. And people wonder why I have trust issues. I'm not sure if, I can even trust myself fully. But that's just the devil talking. Still no luck on the new job search. But I'm not gonna give up just yet. Might as well starve myself to death. That always seems to be an option.

P.S. I'm deleting the stupid app. Idc. Idc. Idc

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