Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-06-02 06:48:30 (UTC)

Don't Mug Yourself

Work was eventful tonight. Busy. It went slow though. I made a member of staff quit tonight. I say "made". I didn't really do anything. It was supposedly his last day too, so people said. He wasn't working, he was sat around for about 45 minutes, just doing nothing. People could see he was taking the piss but nobody called him out on it. I just went to my manager and said, "Here's the deal, he's taking the piss. If you want proof or whatever, go and look at the cameras from about 11:30pm onwards and you'll see what I mean". My manager talked to him and then before we knew it, he was gone. I never really knew the guy to be honest. He hadn't been here very long, he never spoke to anybody and didn't seem to give a shit. I mean I wouldn't say any of us give a shit or are hugely invested in the job we do. We at least put the effort in and have the right attitude. And unless you're paying me more than these guys who waste our time and don't do anything, I won't stand for it. It's just not fair. I don't claim to be "Mr. Lets All Work Hard" but I don't like people who want an easy ride whilst others work their socks off. I won't be taken for a mug, I don't care who you are. We should all be pulling together and doing our bit. He won't be missed at all.

I think I have something new to add to my list. Tunnels. As in the ear piercing. Nothing big, I wouldn't like...stretch them or anything like that. Just basic ones. I used to want them when I was younger and someone told me that I'd look good with them, so I think I may consider it. I'll add it to the list of many things I need to do. Saying that, I've ticked 3 off already so far. 4 if we include "STOP MOPING!". I mean I'm still entitled to a mope but it's definitely decreased.I wouldn't say I feel happy, I just feel...okay I guess. Moderately low.

I've got a few episodes left of Breaking Bad so I'm probably gonna get some food and crack on and finish that. I want to stay up a bit longer because I want to talk to the girl I like for a bit, so hopefully I can catch her before I do fall asleep. I get paid next week so then Operation: Sweden is a go. Exciting times are definitely coming my way, it's annoying that I still feel low. I don't deserve to and shouldn't be feeling like this. I'm just hoping for better days I guess.


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