Do Not Disturb

2018-06-01 23:34:21 (UTC)

Being Overly Sensitive

I hate the fact that me being overly sensitive has always gotten the best of me. Its like I can't stop it. Even the littlest things get to me. Just earlier I was extremely horny. I mean its been a while since I've had actual sex. I mean me and my ex use to have sex all the time. Maybe that was the problem. I was supoosedly suppose to see him today... Marquis... But honestly I doubt it. Everything's just getting in the way of things of him not actually coming. Get what I'm saying. I wanna cry. I wanna do all the things that I thought I couldn't do. Like traveling. Doing music. But that takes a lot of hard work to do so and lots and lots of money. I still feel horny. Ughhh!!! I've never actually thought about masturbating. Just then my mom thought I was taking nasty pictures and towards him. I don't do that. I mean I have done before but now that I know that guys now days just want nothing but the nudes. Never again. I'm not gonna risk being exposed because it has happened before with one of my ex's. Zack S. I will forever hate him. I know hate is a strong word but at this moment I just don't give a fuck right about now. I will get strongly attached to a guy then they stop talking to me. I mean I have a dog and that matters to me more than, anything. And also being sensitive is one of those things.

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