Do Not Disturb

2018-06-01 15:33:00 (UTC)

Bad Day

So, today didn't go so well. My Grams ended up yelling at me saying that I was being lazy and stuff like that. I went by CashSavings applied online like it was told by one of the store cashiers. The manager didn't even sit me down to go through the application. She was saying how she wasn't hiring at the moment but will be calling in a few days about the application. Now does that make any sense at all. I don't think so and so that was that. Even my mom got all mad at me and shit when she was waiting on me to go to Sonics when she just gave me the house key but never did she tell me that she was waiting on me. I tried to catch up with her. She never waited on me like how I thought she was she just drove off. She's just mad because of the stomach pain she's in and yes its "about that time" for her. Today has just been a really bad day for me. Dalton is an asshole. He said he wanted to talk to me but also wanna have sex with me but just keeps saying bye. So I just said okay. Not sure if,me and Lorenzo are friends anymore but you know who cares about boys when you have a dog by your side and that dog is MY dog. I saw 5 journals at the Antique Mall but didn't get it. I hope it will still be their next time. I also saw this really cool blue guitar their that was $79 and some cents. Not that bad. I know right. I hope to get a place and to live by myself because that's what I need right about now. Well,not now but in the future. My Grams also asked me if, I was handicapped or some shit because she was assuming that I didn't know how to do certain things like cooking. I mean I don't do it often like I should be. But the way she said it got to me and I just started to cry. As you know I'm very sensitive. I don't know how I'm gonna make it in this world. Am I gonns make it??? I don't know why I mean I do but I just did. Grams and Grandpa is always fussing over something but mainly Grams fussing at Grandpa. I hate it. But that's what people do. I heard her slamming the door... Twice. Overall, everybody's in a bad mood.

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