Do Not Disturb

2018-05-31 02:17:21 (UTC)

Well,Hello Their!

I'm still here like I never left ( which I wouldn't think anyone cares). Theirs no excuse for me not to be writing for the past two days or so but the only reason was me texting this guy name Dalton I met. We seemed to hit it off pretty well. He asked me if, I liked him in that way I told him I think he's cute but nor did he didn't like me because you know we haven't seen each other in person and he doesn't actually know me enough to actually meet me. I've been doing nothing all day. Called back Chic-fil-A because I filled out an application online at snagajob to see if, they gotten to those a man picked up then the lady. All she asked for was my name and number. Thats about it other than, that. Nothing. I always get nervous when doing job interviews and start saying ummm a lot and my hands get all shaky but the interview I had for Goodwill that I didn't do but I started saying ummm and when I was talking I felt like I didn't know what I was talking about but the question or whatever, "So, tell me a little about yourself." I suddenly forget who I am. Its just the nerves. And when I'm talking on the phone to a manager or what not I alo get nervous but I guess I just got to get use to it. I only had one job and it didn't really last that long. Dalton is an inch shorter than, me because I'm 5'4 but does it matter. He's cute. He looked mixed. He's 21 years old. I thought he be taller. But eh. We've been only talking for what two days now. And guess who else I saw on their Larenzo the guy that I use to talk to in my fifth period and we both had 6th period choir together. He asked me if, he had a car would I let him take me somewhere. I said sure. But its not a date. At least I don't think. We just friends. I'm not really looking for any relationships right now. I mean it may seem like it because I have that all but I just like to talk to different people because I get very bored and now I gotta get my dog another leash. His other one got torn. Because the other dog that is a boy chewed it up and I swear I saw my dog trying to lick his stomach and then, Apollo got all hard and shit like that's just ducking gross man. My dog is not gay. Lol. Nor will he ever. Apollo is give months. Still big but still a baby. Thats the weirdest thing I've ever seen in a dog. My dog needs a girlfriend and fast. Hahaha. I eat to much. I had noodles today for lunch but before had the piece of chicken that my mom gave me from a place called Krispy something and for breakfast I had cereal and then dinner I had two slices of pizza. My Grandma asked me if, I wanted a piece of fish I said yes but that was only me being greedy. And I've been thirsty a lot lately. I've had about three to four bottles today. Is that bad? Idk. Whatever. I'm just rambling. So, far a boring raining summer. Going to Tennessee for mt mom's boyfriend reunion. I want a job so I can help my mom around the house because I know she gets frustrated and is struggling st the moment. I need to do something with my music but I'm to nervous to do anything with it. Ughhh!!! These are just random thoughts. Ever since my brother been gone with dad for the summer its been nothing but quiet and that's how I like it. No screaming. No nothing. I hope to go to the Taylor Swift concert in August. Hope tickets aren't sold out. I've never seen her in person before but if, I got to see her and meet and greet that be awesome and I cry my eyes out. Literally. She's an inspiration. The reason why I've started writing my songs and everything. I love that girl..don't care what people say. Been watching Bob's Burger recently and it is currently my favorite show. But anyways this is all I have for now.

Write more as soon as possible


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