Do Not Disturb

2018-05-28 19:22:51 (UTC)

Meet Me

Dear journal,

Okay so the only reason why I downloaded Meet Me was because I was single and desperate and maybe because I am still single and desperate. I mean that's what my ex told me when he first started dating me.

Their are also other guys that are single and desperste. Just not to long ago a guy sent me a dick pic without me even asking asking if I like it. I mean I admit it was pretty big but I don't text him that but I mean did you not read my profile... Apparently not. It says he was from Belgum and my age as well. I mean are all guys like that.

A girl that was bisexual had texted me twice when I wasn't even bi nor gay. Not that I have anything against that type of sexuality. I'm just not. I'm straight.

Why can't people seem to understand?

Luckily the only guy that seems to be interested in me is Marlin but with Rod the minute we were talking and texting he gave me his number and the next minute he just stops texting all in all.

It seems like all the guys that I've currently talked to or been with want nothing more than, to be interested in how big my boobs are or, how interested my body is to them not my personality or anything just that.

That's why I just want to be single won't have to worry about anyone or any thing.

Marlin has asked me out a few times but I've always declined it. I just don't know if, I'm ready to be in another relationship just yet.

He's the only guy that haven't asked me for a nude well at least not yet. I mean he have asked before but never have I ever gave it to him.

I did the biggest mistake of giving one of my previous ex's one but that's only because he kept begging for it. I asked him to delete it but did he. Nope. Instead he kept it and I have a sneaky suspension that me may or may not be gay. I mean what kind of guy says cute.

I asked him if he was gay he told me what kind of question was that. No yes. No no. So,maybe. Maybe not. And I mean what kind of guy wants a nude from you but Doesn't like you. He could've been just another random fuck boy. More like is. And is only " interested" in you. To me that's just bullshit. He just wanted a nude from me and then

comes texting me on Instagram out of the blue. He told me how he was " trying new things" and by trying new things I mean by being... Nice. Whatever. He only wanted friends with benefits with me. He never liked me. I like him once he never liked me back. He's an asshole anyways. I blocked Deshon. He just kept reading my messages. We had sex ( which was a big mistake for the both of us). He was drunk. I believe he put alcohol in the orange juice. I felt a bit tipsy then. Or maybe not. But not as. We had a moment. It faded away. It went horribly. Darius is a busy,busy,busy guy. I also believed he wanted nothing more than, to have sex with me. I let him kiss me and touch me and it was a mistake. He also mentioned about being friends with benefits with me but that we never done because he's always busy. And I never agreed on it when he asked. So, I jut blocked him. It seems like guys only wants to be friends with benefits. But then again I'm so quick to wanting go be in a relationship and it always go horribly wrong for me. But that will be no more. I should enjoy being single. Darian blocked me but that I don't even care about anymore nor him at that. Everyone expects me to do the dishes when clearly they could've done it themselves. I mean they have two hands but I'm the one that's "lazy". But it would also sounds like I'm complaining so I just do it just to do it. Guys are only interested in one thing but then again I'm stupid enough to let them. Ladies and gentlemen this is my life. My next door neighbor is playing music but has horrible taste in music. Like omg... But its whatever pleases them. Btw happy Memorial Day.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One