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2018-05-26 11:27:18 (UTC)

I met his children

So today was the big day. I finally got to meet his children. He has two of them, two girls. We have been together 11 months and everything is going awesome. We have house now and he said I do t have to work if I do t want to. I have been through a lot in my life. I have has 22 strokes and I’m on 13 medicines for it. He is very loving, kind, and caring. He treats me so good. I have never had anyone treat me like he does. The love he has for me is in believable. I love spending all my time with him and he loves spending all his time with me. God placed him in my life and he has changed my life so much. He is ok with me having strokes, he has been here for me and supports me in all I do. He truly is amazing. So anyway I met his girls today. I was a nervous wreck. They are beautiful girls. The oldest girl doesn’t care about anything, lol. She says what’s on her mind. The youngest girl is very shy and doesn’t really talk. The weird thing is, is that I talked more with the youngest. It was very nerve racking but it was nice to meet them. It is going to take a while before they are comfortable with me, but that is ok, I will do whatever I need to, to become friends with them. He has two beautiful girls and God has blessed him with them, which he is so lucky. Now we go from here and see how things go.
Anyone with any advice I will gladly take it.