Do Not Disturb

2018-05-25 03:06:30 (UTC)


I hate the fact that my mom is always yelling at me and most of the time it be for no reason at all. Like today, just them she tells me to hold a mirror and that I did but my hands were shaking and so I couldn't keep it still then she says this," Never mind you act like you can't hold a mirror. She was about to say something else but I walked off before she said anything. See what I mean and then, she calls my brother Nolan in to do the job. Better him than, me. Ughhhh!!!! I hate that she does this to me and not him... My brother. But that doesn't matter anymore. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. Tired of being the nice girl and I'm tired of being treated like sh*t when I'm always nice to them. But what do I get in return... NOTHING.... Nothing at ALL. You're the only one and/or thing that I can talk to even though you're a diary. So, what. Better you than, an actual human being who doesn't give a shit about well me. I have no REAL friends. I'm not even in college yet. No JOB!!! The only reason of my being absence yesterday was because o was to busy filling out applications. But no one has called me back yet. I guess its because I have "no experience". I mean Fred's was my FIRST and ONLY job that I've had but fingers crossed. I'm tired of my mom calling me "lazy" and sh*t . It's getting tiresome. She doesn't even know how I feel and when I tell her how I feel she doesn't even listen half of the time. It seems almost as if, she doesn't even give a f*ck. I'm always constantly being ignored. At least I have you to write in and to keep my deepest darkest secrets in and thoughts well exceot to those 31 followers who actually is taking the time out to actually read my sh*t. Even when I wouldn't think anyone would. And also thoughts too. No one understands me like you do and i don't think anyone WILL EVER....

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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