Do Not Disturb

2018-05-23 01:25:13 (UTC)


Just to let you know I wrote all this earlier. I have a toothache and it is killing me. So much for eating sweets. I'm suppise to be going back to the dentists 6 months ago last year and now this year and I will have to go again next month. I can't take the pain that is killing me inside. My cousin's birthday today. Going out to Cici's around six to celebrate. Hopefully, if my brother won't stop being so selfish and help my mom out he's only 12 btw. Its terrible. Mom spoils him to much. Just this morning she did it again with me being on my phone " that's all you do". I'm getting about sick and tired of her saying that. I cleaned up the kitchen, mopped,swept so I won't have to hear her say shit to me about it because she always say because I'm " lazy". Only when I have nothing to do and that's almost always true. I'm just waiting for Goodwilll to call me. The job that I had an interview for to call me. The one I had yesterday evening. I will still continue to look for jobs if, I don't get the job but I pray that I do. Good hours and its seems to be really easy as long as I know what I'm doing then, its all goos. I hage having cavities. It sucks and it hurrs. Did I mention how bad it hurts??? So, basically I have done nothing all day ( as usual) but be on my phone ( as usual) and watch TV but mostly on my phone. I have an addiction. I had a dream that I had sex with some guy but never knew who he was and thar was when my mom came from the window knocking from the outside to ler her in. And that's when all the shit started about me being " on my phone" and that she was gonna " take it away". Pleaseee. She called me twice even when my phone was never on silence. I'm a deep sleeper ans I also moan in my sleep ( which is very weird but that's something I've always done as a baby that's what my mom told me). Okay. Of topic. I can't wair to go to college. I mean I know college isnt fun and all but... Hey. So, their will be no sweets for me today.... Or like ever and that will be jard for me but I don't want to become diabetic. I guess I used that right.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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