Forgotten Misery
2001-10-10 23:15:05 (UTC)


Time is so short and so much to say
Yet all I can do is hold back the tears
as I hug you and kiss you for the last time
I say I love you grandma and for the last time
You turn your head and I see you eyes now that are so weak
tell me I love you Andy with the look of knowing this is
goodbye for the last time.

I feel as if im close to my grandma who I know has a short
time left on this earth. When I was younger I can always
remeber spending my summer nights there catching fire flies
and then you knew there would always be bubbles for you to
go blow outside and popsickles to eat when u came in. I
remeber taking bubble baths and coming out smelling like
roses and you telling me how I smelled so good. I remeber
all the back massages and how you always braided my hair.
and who can forget the holidays when you baked all the
greatest food and all the sweetest deserts. Then I remeber
when I was short and could fit under your armpit and saw u
the next time and couldnt. My grandma who I love whos
favorite color is purple like mine and who I carry the same
middle name as. I will never forget my grandmas love and
her smile and the way she looked into my eyes for the last

Grandma I love you and always will and pray u feel no pain
as you slip away and I will know you are not alone for now
you get to see your mother again and I know u will watch me
grow up and be my angel.

Your grandaughter,