Do Not Disturb

2018-05-17 17:07:14 (UTC)

Boy Obsessed

I don't go from guy to guy... Do I??? I believe so. Even when most of my entries... Well all of my entries have been nothing but guys.... Me and my guy problems. I'm boy obsessed. Well at least that's what my mom told me. Now I just regret it. On everything. I need to stop. Now you know what I mean about "falling for them so easily even without knowing it". Ughhhh!!!! I need help. And fast. I guess I'm just searching u til I find the right one. But maybe just maybe I need to let the " right one" come to me. But where is he. No wonder guys is always constantly on not talking to me but its their loss right. But you know I'm single honestly not wanting to be in any type of relationship right now. Just have fun.

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