Do Not Disturb

2018-05-17 05:59:47 (UTC)

Single Again

We decided to be friends. Well he did when I was gonna tell him the same thing. He says that he doesn't fully trust me even when he specifically says he did but you know its whatever and I believe it has something to do with the girl he was texting he says he haven't been texting anyone else but I just can't believe him right now when he says that. So we both thinks its best if well he wants to still be friends but I just can't be friends with him. I know he will find another. At lest I have J that actually text me and calls me. He says he's only interested in me right now but then again not So sure about that. Trust issues. Never been better. So, overall I'm still single. What a shock? Still talking to J. . And when he usually comes over before work he wants sex and then he just leaves. He use to come over even after work when he gets off at ten. But that he didn't anymore. So fuck him. Fuck D too. He wasn't interested in me either. I mean what kind of guy tell me to go back out with my ex even when he says that he so called " likes me" and that turned out to be a lie anyways because now all he does is read my messages so I just stopped and he just stopped. All he is is busy. I honestly am happy that ex did what he had to do. I never fully trusted me and nor did he with me. But you know fuck him. Fuck D too. And if J don't see how much of a nice and great girl I am then fuck him too. He was telling me how he wanted a nude from me and stuff like that. I just told him I don't know but in reality I'm just not going to give him one. Guys always want something in return and that my friend is either sex or nudes. I wish me and my ex didn't have sex as soon as we got back together he only wanted sex I believe. Of coarse he did. Now I need to be careful. With my heart. Because I'm sensitive. I have my insecurities. I have very low self-esteem but that will change. I hope it will.

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The Forgotten One

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