Do Not Disturb

2018-05-16 14:02:01 (UTC)


Why can't Jairrius understand that I have a BOYFRIEND? And that there's no way in HELL I'm sending him any nudes. But even if, it was possible enough for me to send him any it would only be if, I am SINGLE and I am NOT single. I am TAKEN and he needs to get that through his thick skull. I beliebe that's how you say it. But the only way if, I was to send him any NUDES is if we were together and we're NOT together. I swear that's the first thing a guy always ends up asking me. Do I mean more to you than just a body? Apparently Not. For example, me and my ex that is now once again my boyfriend. I admit wr have had great sex but sometimes I don't even wanna or feel like having sex. But ever since my period came on we haven't had any so that's good. It seems like all we've been doing is having sex and not actually spending quality time with one another. I admit we went to the movies but that's about the only thing that we've actually done since, we got back together besides having sex. He trust me again and that means something to me. He would always give me his password to his phone but this time he didn't because he says that I would only find something to get mad at. I shouldn't be mad if, he's locking his phone and not telling me his password. The day when I saw him texting that other girl and while we was in the car only because she was having " problems" and was trying to kill herself. That I dont believe. People are stupid enough to even at least talk to a guy that is in a relationship. Even when he told me specifically that he was NOT I repeat NOT texting any other girl ever since we broke up and their he goes texting the other girl of who knows if he's still texting that girl still????... Sometimes I regret on getting back with him. He says that I believe that he will cheat on me. I somewhat trust him while he full on trust me. He lied to me about the whole girl situation texting thing. I mean we were broken up that time so I guess I understand but that doesn't give him the reason to still text her any longer. I admit I habe texting other guys, called them ect... But none of that meant anything to me. I thought it did because they would always STOP talking to me over something that I did or done wrong. Maybe I'm just better of single. Honestly. Idk.. I need to lay low on the relationships. Talked to D the other night and we were basically on an heated argument. He suggested on me getting back together with him so I did as he pleased. He said I was depressed. Am I? I've felt that way a few times. Okay. Maybe a lot. But I honestly still have feelings for him he just doesn't see it but its whatever. Fuck him too. So many boys and not enough ME time. I need more ME time.

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The Forgotten One

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