Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-05-16 12:30:03 (UTC)


So I received an e-mail today from my college in regards to my interview next month. I had to send them an e-mail because I couldn't find my qualifications that they had asked me to bring. They said it wasn't a necessity but it would just be easier for them to get an idea. To be honest, I'd rather them not see them anyway so I'm kinda glad they are lost.

They informed me of the assessment tests that I will be taking in June. It can go on for up to 2.5 hours but I imagine I'll be out of there in the first hour. At least time is on my side, should I need it. I've taken a look at the tests and surprisingly aced the maths one, 100%. I couldn't believe it. I'm sure some of my answers were just pure guesses but I'll take it. I was always shit at Maths. I had a little look at the Literacy one and it looks pretty basic. I suppose it all has to be to determine where people will be placed. It definitely makes me more confident though. From what I've seen so far, it was just identifying spelling mistakes. So I'm not worried there in the slightest. It's definitely put my mind at ease a bit more. I kinda just want to get started now so I'm not sitting around the house doing anything anymore.

It's hard to know if when all this is said and done that I will feel more accomplished and happier with myself. I suppose I won't know until I get there but right now it's all about being productive and having some idea or plan is better than having nothing. In the meantime, I still have the rest of my list to get on with.