Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-05-15 19:19:38 (UTC)

Leap of Faith

I actually had a pretty eventful day today. I mean, I say "eventful". I left the house... which is rare for me unless I'm going to work.

I went to get my haircut today for the first time in god-knows-how long, it probably is the first time this year to be honest. I'm shamefully bad when it comes to getting my hair cut. I don't style it so I just let it grow until I look like a filthy mosher and think "It's probably a good idea to do something about this now". The barber actually asked me how often I get my hair cut. He recognised me, we'd spoken a few times before. It took him 35 minutes to cut my hair, it was just wild. Think of Jaime Lannister when he returns to Kings Landing in Game of Thrones. That was me. Just with both my hands and a better beard. I was so embarrassed with how long it took him to cut my hair, I tipped him £3.

Weather was really good today so I walked into town. Something I'd never usually do. I was actually meeting someone. Pretty bizarre because I'd never actually met this person before. It was exciting but pretty scary. You can call it a date I suppose. We've been talking for the past few days and she asked about going out and I said yeah. I think it's good for me to do this. No more moping or thinking about stuff that doesn't really apply or have an influence on my life anymore. It's not really an excuse to pour time into somebody just to get over your ex partner but as it stands, we're just friends and that's perfectly fine with me. The only way to really sum it up is. It's pointless dwelling on something like this. My ex moved on a month after we split up and obviously isn't giving a single thought to me now so why should I sit here and mope? It doesn't help anything.

So yeah, I met up with this girl. I was pretty terrified knowing all I had to go on was a picture and what we talked about in the past few days but it was actually really fun. The key for me was just to be able to make her laugh. I'm not much to look at. My humour has probably carried me through most friendships and relationships I've ever had. I'm not appealing. Probably a 4/10. Anyway, it was easy to make her laugh and it felt like I had known her a lot longer. Everything just felt really easy and fun. We spent about three hours together I think. She mentioned how she prefers to be friends with somebody for a good while before something happened. Which I obviously think makes a lot of sense. I think jumping into something with somebody quickly is just a bad idea. She said she'd like to do it again though and I'm open to it. Even if it's just as friends. I mean, I don't think I'm ready for anything but it's just nice to be in somebody's company you know? It was a really good and brave step for me because I'd never usually do anything like this. I guess I'm just realising there is more to life if you're open minded and give things a try.

All in all, this was a better day.