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2018-05-13 12:13:12 (UTC)

"A Quiet One"

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Again, I should have been returning to work but didn't go. I've missed two weekends and a bank holiday now. I know it's getting out of hand and I'm doing so much better than what I was last week. I just hope they understand the reasons behind it and if they don't. It's no good me justifying them. If you don't get it, you don't get it. I'm definitely going back next Friday, whether I hand my notice in remains to be seen though.

I watched the Fellowship of the Ring yesterday with a friend, easily the best Lord of the Rings film for me. They are all great but that one just stands out the most. I love it. Sean Bean is the man as well. I had two of my friends coming to visit my town today. They are married. They visited before but I was out of town both times they visited sadly so it was great to finally meet them both. I'd known my friend since I was like 11 years old maybe? We actually met on Habbo Hotel, no shame whatsoever. We had our own little circle of friends and everything. I'm only in contact with about 3-4 people from that group now. There was about 12-15 of us I think. We were really good friends from the age of 11 to 15 maybe. We used to talk on MSN everyday, stuff like that. It's crazy looking back how much freedom we had as kids on the internet. It's quite worrying. Anyway, I sorta broke off with most of that group but me and him remained in contact because of our interests. We were both into video games, football, the same music. It was just so easy to get on with him and it seemed like a waste to leave it just because my other friends were left behind. I've had his girlfriend and now wife on Facebook for about two years or so I think. She's incredibly lovely, she's from California. We get on really well together too. She's into football, or "Soccer" as she calls it. We love the same rock/emo bands too. I just clicked with her so well, I'm so glad.

So yeah, he dropped me a text weeks ago and said "Promise me you're home between May 12th-13th and I said that I would be but I would be working. I obviously expected to be until these circumstances kinda knocked me sideways. I did really plan to go in this weekend and thought I was ready. I kinda feel like I'm taking the piss a little bit at this point because it's been two weeks and I kinda have to pull myself together. My parents are noticing the effects it's having on me, I've been drinking increasingly more. It's just not good. My mum really wants me to quit but I just know if I do that then I'll hamstring myself with all the things I want to go and achieve this year. Unemployed at 27 is a horrific look too. It's just not a good idea.

It's been great to be social. I've probably gone out so much in the past few weeks than I have in the last two years. it's just becoming a bit concerning that everything tends to involve alcohol. I mean it wasn't going to be anything wild, at least we said it wouldn't be.

It wasn't weird meeting him, it's strange. I've met tons of people that I've built great friendships with over the years, from the age of 16 onwards usually. Usually through video games. I had most of the people that I was close with back on MySpace, that's how long I had known them. I had seen pictures of them, we used to talk online through our headsets etc. It was just, easy. It was like I had always known them and that's how it was with him. Kinda the same for his wife, I had never spoken to her before, I had her on F acebook though. That was easy because you always go through stages like that in life where you meet a "friend of a friend" or "this is my partner/girlfriend/wife" etc. It's usually always on the fly, but it went really good.

We drank for hours. Probably from about 7:30pm until about 1am maybe. I can't remember. I don't remember getting home. We met up and we talked everything. I didn't really want to reflect on my life and recent events too much but it was difficult when you're not in work and they ask why etc. Obviously after a few drinks things tend to get tough anyway. We touched on it lightly but I didn't want it to set the mood for the night. I don't really want to talk about that anymore, with anybody. We talked everything though, life, music, football, reminisced on the old days together. It was the most I had laughed in a long, long time. We got through drinks incredibly quickly and were pushing the boat out so much, so fast. Before I knew it there were Sambuca shots and Jager bombs and I kinda just had to accept my fate at this point, haha.

I took them to a few other places and then we decided to get some food before going our separate ways. We went to Chicken Cottage, which is essentially a poor man's KFC. He said they had one where he was from so we went in there and ordered a shit load of chicken. We were in the queue for sometime. Me and my friend got talking about the Champions League and Liverpool's potential chances of winning it now they are in the final (somehow). My friend was absolutely out of his mind drunk at this point. He rambled on about some shit I can't even remember and then pointed at a guy sat down, eating his chicken, who must have been late 50's/early 60's and just said "This guy knows!". The guy stopped eating his food, looked up and I could just see the anger in his eyes. He did not want to be bothered. He responded "Yeah, yeah I do know! So fuck off!". My friend retorted and the old man said "You've got a big fucking mouth, don't be a cock. Shut the fuck up". Me and his wife were just creasing at this point, beyond control. It was hilarious.

They are staying at a B&B somewhere, I'm not too sure where but it's just outside town I think. They're heading home today though and have plans to visit Stonehenge on the way back. I had a really great time with them. They invited me to stay with them in London any time I wanted to come and visit. I'll likely take them up on the offer. They said I should definitely visit for the World Cup so I'd like to go up there for a day or two to catch some games with them.


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