Do Not Disturb

2018-05-13 06:26:21 (UTC)

Saturday Vibes

As I said before me and bae is officially back together. Turns out we just took a break. I guess... I don't know. All I know is that I will never make that mistake again. We had makeup sex yesterday. He came by the house & only while everyone was asleep but then we had to rush but only after the second round. My mom looked at me crazy like she knew what was going on. I was a bit horny... Okay I was all the way horny. It felt good. Great. Awesome. All I know is that its been awhile. More like a month but still been a while. My dad doesn't know that we're together. At least half of his family doesn't know either. Actually none. Back together again. He told me through text that he was making sure that he still loved me after all the drama bullshit went down. Darius told me to go back to out with him and do I did. I thought he " liked me" but he called me crazy and that I was being " paranoid" because I was texting him and calling him while he was at work. I mean how am I suppose to know but I just texted him through messenger with saying that friends don't take them out to the movies and have sex and/or kiss and/or go on dates. He texted me exactly that and plus he's always busy anyways. I wouldn't to think that we will ACTUALLY work out. He told me his whole life story over the phone last night. Not going to many details. My mom is right I do go from boy to boy but that will be no more. I hope I get to see him near the end of the day. My period is on and even without taking the pills and that which I will have to start taking tomorrow on Sunday. I've really missed him though. His company. His warm hugs. His kisses. Lips on my lips. But one thing that bother me the most is that I saw him texting a girl but only dealing with problem wise like her killing herself. Like... Does he even know her??? I just want him all to myself and I know that's very selfish of me considering that he's my boyfriend. I'm not gonna lose him again. And I mean thst. We have amazing sex and that's also another thing that I miss the most about us is that we have some amazing sex and I just... Live being with him. I wanna grow old together. Maybe possibly he could be and still be the one. Who knows???

Write more as soon as possible


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