Do Not Disturb

2018-05-11 03:14:15 (UTC)

Friends with benefits

I don't even know why I'm begging thus guy to come when I know for a fact that he's not coming. He's got other stuff to do rather than seeing me every day. All he wanna be with me is friends with benefits and nothing more. He's the one on suggesting that we should be gf and nd but but now all of a sudden he " changed his mind" and just wants to be friends with benefits. We never actually had sex or anything like that but it could be as an experiment. A part of me thinking that he never liked me in the firdt place and just wants sex snd the other part of me thinking that he actually likes me snd actually have feelings for me and that which I doubt it. Because he wouldn't Have changed his mind in thr first place. Guys just want sex and nothing more from me. I let the guy touch me. And that was probably a big mistake to do. Now all of a sudden he " changed his mind" boy please. Can I be mad at a guy for doing that??? I am mad at him for that but I like like him. I don't know if, he likes likes me he said he does but probably as friends with benefits. This is all stressing me out.

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