Do Not Disturb

2018-05-09 20:14:43 (UTC)

The Talk

Tell me why a pop up porn add popped up on one of my recent entries. I mean those ads weren't their before but really now their starting to get annoying as fuck. I'm not into that type of stuff because I'm not that type nor will I ever. I mea their are times when I get horny but I control it. Its just randomly. I decided to take the nails of they like to call fake. Never again. They bother me. It peels off you're skin. Literally and it takes who knows how many days for you're nails to grow back. Sometimes I just wish I had the life of a celebrity you know. And then maybe just maybe everyone will notice me then. D wanted to talk to me after school but I doubt that's happening its because I was calling him when he told me he was gonnw call me but he didn't byt only because he was in a call with his dad or something like that who is a truck driver so I said okay and then I caled him back after he was done but he didn't pick up and so I said okay maybe he just fell asleep so yea. And I texted him okay when he mentioned that he needed to talk to me I'm guessing about what happened. Of cosrse its about what happened. But I know he's probably or probably not gonna come. Because they never do. I'm akways the one messing things up with guys. That's why Zach stopped talking to me. Thats why Dishon stopped talking to me. The only person who haven't stopped talking to me is Marquis. But I feel like he will any time now. My mom came home mad as usual she was telling me to sweep the hallway l ect... Sayig that I've been here all day. I mean you don't see my brother Nolan not doing a dann thing. Its only because she wants grand and apps to move out of here because Nolan ( my 12 to 13 I forgot his age year old brother). She's always at me and not him. Hes not perfect. He has flaws just like evryone else in this family. He's disrespectful. He's rude. All kind of rude. So I'm just done putting up with it and he just stresses me out with it even more but only because I let it qnd I don't know why. I let everything stressing me out. Now you see the reason of why I like to write so much to get everything off of my chest and it works for me. Sometimes I think I just need to go to a therapist or sonething to actually talk to somebody but no matter what it still not happeneing. This is the only way. Writing about it has always been the option. That's why you see me writing every single thing down. And I mean EVERYTHING. And he's not coming so fuck it.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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