Do Not Disturb

2018-05-08 21:41:04 (UTC)


Me and D almost had sex in his car well it was more or me riding his d* ck ( it was an average size) but he had to go and also because it was hot as a motherfucker. I would have invited him in but I didn't want to risk any chances of getting caught. He told me how he haven't had sex in a while. Mhmmm.... We're still.planning on seeing each other this weekend like it was said and yes he drives and yes he has his own car. I talked to zach last nigjt ober Skype he keep getting mad because I would show my stuff and kept asking if i trusted him I told him that I somewhat do. At first I told him I did but he kept saying that I was lying. I told him," Lemme guess you gotta go to school tomorrow." Then, he got all poised and hung up just because I said that. He told me to leave him alone because I missed him off so I left him alone. It was just a yes or no question. Ughhhh!!! This is exactly why I didn't wanna be in a relationship but we weren't exactly in a relationship we just " liked" each other or , " have feelings" for each other. Me and M are still talking. We text more then actually talking on the phone. Here's to this weekend.

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The Forgotten One

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