Do Not Disturb

2018-05-07 02:37:05 (UTC)

Had a great weekend....

I wanted to write yesterday but I was to busy having to much fun. I havemt had much fun ever since... Well... Ever since I decided to stay home all those weekends but that will be NO MORE. I was to occupied over the stupid boy on whether or no the guy was gonna actually show up yesterday he didn't he just keeps reading my messages and because he told me that he " didn't want to" but its whatever. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone..they always do and if they didn't then why did my ex call me from his friend phone knowing that I blocked him saying that if I wanna see him or not. I just responded with I don't know and I asked him why is he calling me he said that we can still be " friends'". I don't wanna be " friends" or anything with him. Never will i ever. He broke up with me. Like Zach said he broke up with me for a reason. He told me he like me and I like him as of now we're just friends I just can't believe him. Haven't heard from him all day. M thinks that we're still together when I specifically told him that we're just friends and slowing things down until further notice. He's trying so hard to get with me. I just wanna keep my options open you know until someone better comes around ( which I doubt it but you know... Still). We went to this escape room yesterday it was fun finding clues ect... Definently something I would wanna do again. Even when I didn't do we much but we were so close. My dad's girlfriend brother came. He's cute but theirs a 50/50 % chance that he has a girlfriend
He's only 26. That's not bad. Right? We also went to Applebees for lunch because of her mom bday that was last week on Tuesday. I ordered a club grilled sandwich and it was just.... So good... I have a problem with fiid. Its like I can think of nothing but food. That's probably why one if the main reasons why I'm gaining so much weight. I feel fat. I am fat. I may not look like it but I feel like it. This summer I will do nothing but that. But I also need to eat healthier choices. I've always thought about becoming vegan but how will that work out for me when I love meat so much. Too much. Its a part of me. I will have to think about that. My girl Catue Turner didn't make it through the top 5 on American idol and I thought she did so good. What's wrong with you America??? But I will still ans always remain a fan of hers. Well, I'm gonna go get something to eat now haven't eaten nothing but breakfast all day.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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