The Diary of S
2001-10-10 23:09:10 (UTC)

Do you read this?...

Not sure if anyone will read this. Oh well, like anyone knows me.
My name is S. Actually my name is something else but I'd like to keep
that a secret. Who knows what kinda loonies are out there reading
this journal. Ya know?!!
I am a 20-year old female from down South.
I just had a little boy not too long ago. I am
engaged...but I really don't know when I'll be getting
married. My boyfriend is a few years younger than me. He
tries so hard to make me happy, sometimes too hard. We have
our difficult times but whose relationship doesn't.

Right now we all are cramed into a bedroom in my mother's
house. I hate living there. I HATE IT!!! Just thinking of
living there makes me want to scream! But at least we have
that. We are trying to save up money to get our own place
but it's so hard. We have bills. What bills, you wonder? I
have a $400 car payment plus insurance. Also credit card
bills that are piling up. I just want to cry! I am so much
in debt and I'm only twenty!

My boyfriend and I had a talk a few days ago about our
situation. He told me that getting our life straight will
have to take time. We can't just snap our fingers and
everything we could ever need or want be at our feet. All
he said was true but I can't wait. I want to move out of my
mom's house, finish school, pay off my bills, get married
and start my life. Actually, my life has already started
and I am standing here letting it pass me by.

Right now I am at work. Bored of my ass!!!! I do technical
support for a computer company. I want to find another job.
I get so bored doing the same thing over and over again. I
want to get a job back were I used to work. Doing Asset
Protection. It sounds like so much more fun than sitting on
my ass at a computer all day long. I'm going to turn in my
application on Friday, which is my day off from school and

I go to school at a private college. I'm studying to work
in the medical field. Maybe that will keep me preoccupied.
I don't think I'll be doing the same thing over and over
everyday if I work in the emergency room or labor and
delivery. Something like that.
Today I took my baby to school so my friends could see him
for the first time. My boyfriend came too. They all loved
him (My baby) they passed him around the room about 10
times!! My boyfriend just sat in the corner. I didn't think
he would be like that, he's the loud type of person. Very
outgoing. I guess he felt uncomfortable. Well, there were
about 15 girls and then him. Poor Guy.
There was one of my friends just staring at him (my
boyfriend) and then when we were about to leave she came
over to talk to us more, trying to look all cute. Ughh!! I
hate girls like that. But she is engaged as well, her
boyfriend just left to Cali for boot camp. He's going to be
in the Marines. I guess she's feeling lonely.
She better stay away from my man!

Till Next Time,