Letters To Burn
2018-05-04 17:35:53 (UTC)

Number Four

I made a promise to you that I wouldn’t message you as to not rock the boat. I will honor that. I must say it is tough. The toughest thing I’ve done. It’s hard because of how often I think of you. I’ve never had someone take up residence in my head like you did. For years I lived with the hum but it’s becoming a roar now. I guess that’s why I had to speak out. A cup only holds so much water and then it has to spill over. I’ve never felt so torn in all my life. My brain is on fire with thoughts of you even though I know it’s a foolish enterprise. Hearts are stubborn things. They don’t listen very well.
I just want to tell you how so very hard I fell for you. I’m still falling.