Do Not Disturb

2018-05-03 06:07:16 (UTC)

No excuses

If someone says they will can you back you expect them to call you back??? No excuses... Maybe he just got "caught up" but in what exactly. Sometimes he says things that he never does. Sometimes he actually does them. But I'm still going after the guy that done stood me up just he and I quote "fell asleep". Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. But like dude if you don't feel like it or just give me a heads up or something of having me stand their waiting for you're ass to show up. I wonder if he will actually come this time. But to him we're "just friends" even after we had sex and even kissed. He kissed me but he was only drunk when all of that happenef. He was just horny just like I was. It meant something to me but never did to him. I think. I'm tired of trying so I'm done here. Out of as many times as I mention this. He wanted to take a picture that night I declined as I mentioned before that I hate pictures because of the insecurities that I am currently having right now but all of that will change. I expect to see him this weekend but I'm never quit so sure on that. Its always me waiting on him so it will be him waiting in me this time. It's been months since the last time I was on birth control. And it took me days to find the place but I did. Sunday was the first time in a month that I've had sex with someone. He's better looking than,all of my ex's. This guy is also the definition of what they call a lady's men. He might not see it but I do. He says he has "feelings for me" but I don't see how he does. The only thing he probably wants is sex from me and I gave it to him but that is ONLY going to be a one time thing. I'm NOBODY'S sex toy. If someone likes me they will probe to me they do but otherwise.... Why talk to me??? "Just friends". But I just have to accept the fact that he just doesn't want to be in a relationship right now. I'm fine with just being friends. It may not seem like it but I am. Even though no matter how much I like him. Okay... Truth be told I'm really not.

Write more as soon as possible


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