Do Not Disturb

2018-05-01 17:32:51 (UTC)

Slow Day

Its Tuesday and I already want it to be Friday. M keeps wanting to be more than, friends and its stressing me out. I do like him I just don't wanna be in another relationship right now. Just because he's waited long enough even when I was in my current relationship with my ex I'm just scared to be in another relationship. I'm always hurting people when I do nothing wrong. I mean not gonna lie their are some things that I have done wrong. A lot. I need to take breaks from relationships. So, why can't he respect that. Oh Gosh, this is all stressing me out. D is taking me out this weekend. We will just see about that. He says he will take me to the movies and out to eat. I still wanna keep my options open until someone better comes around. Me and him are just friends who happens to have feelings for each other and happen to be having sex. I haven't had sex in a while. Lol! So this could be good. Fingers crossed for this weekend. And when he called me on messenger yesterday. He wanted me to spend the night at his house until Sunday this weekend I laughed thinking that he was joking but he wasn't he was dead ass serious. I mean I wouldn't mind looking at the guy. He got abs. I like him and a lot. And not just because he's cute. But doesn't mean we're more than, friends like he said we're just taking things slow. M still calls me baby as if, we're still together when I specifically told him I'm not ready for another relationship because in all honesty I don't know what I want.I'm confusing. I hurt people but I don't mean too. Overall... I'm stressed out... Hurt.. Confused... Ect... Ect...

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The Forgotten One

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