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2018-05-01 01:00:23 (UTC)

Boys, boys, boys

I can't believe after everything he says he still wants to be friends. He says he has feelings for me. He says he likes me but wants to only remain friends because he's not so sure if, he wants to be in a relationship because he has just gotten out of his recent one as if, I had just gotten out of a 6 month relationship. But I really like him. He wants to get to know me. I want to get to know him. It would be great if, he asked me out one day but then again I don't think so. I told him how I felt and everything ( and I wish I didn't). He told me part of his side of the story. So, far Ryan hasn't proven anything so I'm done trying and that's what I exactly told him and he just said okay. D says he likes me and has " feelings for me" but just wants to be friends because he's just gotten out if a relationship even after he kissed me and after we had sex. M wants to be more than, friends with me when I just want to be friends with him but he won't accept it. I don't like Louis but he likes me... How do you let someone down easily without hurting their feelings??? Its not that easy. No one cares about me. No one listens to me. Its as if, my life is surrounded by boys and I believe I've said this before. But it is. I feel fat. I feel I'm unpretty. No one likes me. Insecure I'll always be. Sensitive I'll always be.

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The Forgotten One

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