Do Not Disturb

2018-04-30 07:09:49 (UTC)

Try Again

I meant to write this yesterday but fuck it. I couldn't sleep so here I am. Me and him kissed 💋 that's right kissed. Well, more of like him kissing me but it felt so good and then, boom we had sex. He looked very high and somewhat drunk. I felt horny and he felt horny and so it just happened. In a VERY good way. I was very awkward around him. But I'm trying. He finally decides to show up and that I'm glad he did. But after we had sex I couldn't get him or it out of my head. We cuddled afterwards and then he fell asleep. I fell asleep... On his chest that is. Watched a movie on Netflix called." The Week Of" funny funny movie. He held my hand it felt great holding his. Did he wore a condom? Yes. Yes he did. Overall, I was horny it felt great he felt great. The kiss felt great. Hope to see him soon. But let's not give our hopes up just yet.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One