Do Not Disturb

2018-04-29 14:05:27 (UTC)

Morning Stress

I'm Done with him. I was very wrong of him. He just reads my messages. I'm done texting him and trying to call him when he doesn't answer. He's not that guy that I like to have in. He's like the rest of the guys. He stood me up and shit and I keep falling for him everytime. He's a lady's men. He doesn't belong with a girl. He belongs with a girl who's more prettier. I'm just an average. I'm single. Better off single. And I'm happy. I asked Ryan if he wanted to hang out today but he said only if his parents let him. I'm so stressed. I got a night stressing me out. I don't need to be. He can find someone else to talk to and hang out with because I know he have plenty. I thought I liked him. But I'm just done trying. Not gonna try anymore just gonna let God do the work.

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The Forgotten One

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