Do Not Disturb

2018-04-29 03:27:07 (UTC)

Drink Up

I drank for the first time...Well it was a sip but it counts right and at least I was around family. It's not like I was tipsy or anything because I wasn't because if I was I would be saying some fucked up shit right about now. So tired. Guess who finally decides to text me back... Yes... Dishon. He told me that he fell asleep. I wanna believe him but I just can't. What kind of person sleeps all night? And now he's saying if, I wanna come over today I just responded in I guess ( note to self everything I'm writing in here about him is all in texts) because not knowing if, he will show up or not ( and he didn't) and I asked him if, he's coming over now he told me that he was heading to Selma with his friend that is an uber driver to meet his family. Whatever. Because his friend said so and I just said duck it because I won't see him anytime soon. I will be going with my dad next weekend to Mississippi and no I don't know why. My mom is having a little get together currently at the moment. Family. Chillin. The usual. You know hamburger and hot dog on the grill ect ect...Now that everyone's finally gone. Ryan told me that he likes me ( once again in text) . We video chatted twice. Him with me me with him. I asked him why he says that I was cute mature. I have a not of the childish side in me. The immature. I've been liked him for a while ans then all the shit happened and I switched schools. He once had a girlfriend but they broke up. I was asking him why but I wouldn't wanna think he would respond to that so I left it. I believe Louis likes me he said he wanna kiss me I said nope. I don't know if, I'm attracted to him. The Mexican one. But things could change. Dishon never showed up. No call. No nothing. And so I just texted him. And left it at that he didn't respond still but eh that's on him. He told me that he was " sorry" but I don't believe him. This is my second ice cream I've had the one that come in those little packages with two sides. Yea those. No wonder I'm getting fat. I couldn't even get into a dress that I love that Grams had gave me but I have to lose weight to fit into that. And right now it's not looking so good. I hate the way that I look. All I do is eat. I even stress when I eat. I write down everything I eat everyday. I skip breakfast and lunch almost everyday. So it's a work in progress... Kinda. But this summer that I will do nothing more but to excersise.

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